Women’s Vixen


I had just completed making the Victorian, my ultimate men’s jacket. It was exactly how I imagined it would be. I felt super amazing in this jacket, not a Prince but a King.

And while a Prince chases after young princesses, a King seeks a Queen. So I decided to create a jacket for the woman I dreamt of standing by my side. This Jacket had to be timeless and elegant, sexy and strong…and also look good next to the Victorian.

After decades of drawing literally thousands female Comic Super Heroes and Video Game Fantasy Characters, I had a good idea of what projected seductive strength on the female form. I liked the way Maleficent’s Cape Collar framed her face in “Sleeping Beauty” – super powerful. I loved the way women’s Opera gloves had dozens of miniature cloth covered buttons lining up the seam – so elegant. And I really loved the “Runaways” Rock ‘n’ Roll spikes, studs, leather and midriffs, so I used them too – super sexy.

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We pride ourselves on the signature cuts of our Men´s and Women´s Jackets. Available in Leather or Suede, Sheerling or Denim – each material chosen transforms our jackets into an entirely new piece. Custom Silk prints detailing the JuunSaarah mythos line each jacket and are individually color coordinated to match. All Spikes, Studs, Chains, and Rings are custom plated in Brass, Silver, Gold, or Rotanium