Men’s Victorian


All my life, I’ve been a huge fan of the Warrior Poet. Jimmy Hendrix, Adam Ant and Prince – all these Rock Stars wore Military Style Bolero Jackets and conquered the Stage. As a teenager of the ‘80’s that was my look….or as close as I could imagine.

30 years later, and my core aesthetic hasn’t changed since then. I am a Victorian Thug – Part Gentlemen Dandy /Part Outlaw on the Run

With my detailed sketches complete I then went about bringing my dream jacket to life. I needed to create something that not only fit good & felt good but most importantly, was something I could dance 48hr’s non-stop and still looked good.

I went to Lincoln Center to meet with the head Costume Designers for the New York Opera and Ballet. It was then that I first realized how I could go about bringing my inner-self identity to Life – one meaningful piece at a time. Over these years I’ve added more layers, subtle details, variations in exotic materials, and refined the aesthetic shape to best reflect where I am in the now. I call it the Victorian, and in essence it is still that very same jacket I always wanted to where as a teenage boy.

To date, I’ve made myself a version in Super Fine Wool Suit Fabric, Suede, Leather, Shearling, and Denim. Next will be Silk Velour. No matter which one I choose, when I wear the Victorian I always feel just a little sexier, no matter what mood I’m in.

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We pride ourselves on the signature cuts of our Men´s and Women´s Jackets. Available in Leather or Suede, Sheerling or Denim – each material chosen transforms our jackets into an entirely new piece.

Custom Silk prints detailing the JuunSaarah mythos line each jacket and are individually color coordinated to match.

All Spikes, Studs, Chains, and Rings are custom plated in Brass, Silver, Gold, or Rotanium