Men’s Combata Boots


I was in Bali just over a year, making all my dreams real.

Jewelry, accessories, jackets, pants, and shirts – anything imaginable could now be brought to life. A dear friend suggested that I make a pair of shoes too. And oddly enough, that thought had never once dawned upon me. This was an entirely brand new and exciting arena for me to create within.

To this day, I still have the majority of my boot collection. Though in balmy Bali, Flip-Flops are pretty much the norm, here was now my chance to create the Ultimate Boot – Part Military, part Punk, part James Bond. So I played with my favorite elements – metal toecaps, English brogues, cowboy boot heel, combat boot style, and speed–ties.

To date, less than 30 pair have been made. Presently, 5 more have been ordered and are in production. With each new pair, I refine my approach, exploring new finishes and techniques. Every single component of the Combata is custom made by hand. I am actually tattooing the leather boots with my designs….just because I freakin’ can. It looks insane. Also be constructed is a Combata version in heavyweight indigo denim to perfectly match my heavy weight indigo denim jeans.

When I’m back in New York, I look forward to visiting my old Cobbler, to continue my wonderful ritual.


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Black or Brown, Purple or Pink, Patten or Distressed, Matte or Metalic – your custom Combata Boots will be one of a kind.

Options available include: Leather, Suede, Snakeskin, Crocodile, Painted Canvas, and even Tattoo Calfskin

Once your foundation material has been selected, we move onto custom hardware finishing. From Toe Caps to Lace Caps, Speed Ties to Heal Guards all Combata Boots come with a standard issue is a polished gold brass, or polished white brass.

For our custom clients, we offer plating in 22k Gold, Silver, and Rotanium.

And there is but one beautiful constant in our mens´ boots – our signature Sunset silk print. This print is a thru line seen in many JuunSaarah products.