Saddle Bag


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In Bali, the roads are so super narrow that a two-way street can barely fit one car. Traffic jams, and gridlock are the daily norm, so the best and only way to truly get around is on two wheels. And learning to ride a Motorcycle was one of the best gifts Bali gave me. It further added to the romantic notion I thought of myself. But try going food-shopping for the week and bringing all the grooceries back on your bike. Good Luck.

Saddlebags were the obvious answer. Super cool storage that held everything you needed. And what was cool was that you could throw the Saddlebag over your shoulder, carrying like you were a cowboy coming in from the frontier. I really liked the weight resting on my shoulder.

Beyond just the motorcycle, I started using my Saddlebag for air travel, and was complimented often on its appearance. After enough compliments I realized it’d be great to make a smaller streamlined version for daily use. Sleek but still durable, my Saddlecasebecame a portable office – holding my I-pad, I-phone, passport, credit cards, billfold, Montblanc pen, notebook, and the latest issue of the X-Men.

It’s just a cooler way to carry my shit from point “A” to point “B”…so why not?