Arrow Bag


Yoga is a cornerstone in my Life. My weekly practice keeps me focused, keeps me sane. When I first went to yoga class, I used whatever mats that Studio made available. And as I went more regularly, I eventually purchased the first of many yoga mats. But most of the Yoga mat cases were too “Hippy Chic” or “New Age” for my own personal New Yorker tastes.

And besides Yoga, Weekend Getaways is another regular event in my routine. These overnight excursions wonderfully require minimal packing: basic toiletries, underwear, bathing suit, sarong, and a bottle of wine. So in an attempt to kill two birds with one shot, I created the Arrow Bag. Inspired by a medieval archer’s quiver, I wanted to create something both masculine and multi-functional.

Something I could use every day, and still have it make perfect sense within my “Story”.

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