Combata Boots

The Rock ‘n’ Roll soldiers I admired growing up had always worn boots to battle, and I was no different. I had sneakers for exercise and boots for nearly everything else. Actually, I was very proud of the boot collection I had amassed over the years. It was a wonderful ritual, going to my local cobbler for quality touch-ups and repair. And overtime the character of each and every boot grew more distinct. They all have meaning to me and a there is great story or two to be told about each one.

And being a fan of Rock ‘n’ Roll I couldn’t resist adding some chains, skulls and spikes. But being a Dandy too, my boots are lined with my own custom silk prints. I call this boot the Combata.  And never in my life have I been stopped and complimented upon more, then when I was wearing these boots.  On this journey I will always try to walk tall, and step proud. Simply put, the Combata enhances that stride.


Women’s Shoes

Something light, something clean, something with dynamic lines – these were the design objectives to be achieved in creating my first footwear for women. Walking tall, walking comfortably, and dancing all night long pain free – these functions also needed to be addressed and solved as well.

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