Adam Pollina is a visionary storyteller, artist and designer – his canvas stretching across the worlds of fine art, fashion, decor design, events and large-scale installations. Mentored by Stan Lee for nearly a decade, Adam’s experience as a master storyteller is the foundation of his work as an artist and designer.

For over 5 years Adam has been developing and refining his original mythology Juun Sarah – a metaphorical universe that explores the themes of intuition and intellect; conflict and reconciliation, loyalty and sacrifice; courage and commitment. Concurrently, Adam has used Juun Saarah as the inspiration for an extraordinary collection of fashion, accessories and homeware based on the characters, storylines and fine art print panels that Juun Saarah has inspired. This mythos, literally woven into the fabric of his designs, is just one of the elements that makes Adam Pollina’s bespoke fashion and interiors so unique.


An honors graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, Adam was hired by Marvel Comics at the age of 23 to retool the X-Men franchise, transforming this flagging title into one of Marvel’s best selling comics of the 90’s. This success lead to more work for Marvel and DC Comics on such characters as Superman, G.I. Joe, Spiderman, Hellboy and Transformers as well as character design for Warner Bros Pictures and projects for MTV, Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel.

Adam soon made the transition to directing with music videos for bands such as Fischerspooner, Seven Dust, Elkland and My Morning Jacket. Adam demonstrated a distinctive visual flair that led to work on several major commercial campaigns and packaging design for clients such as Microsoft, Prada and Yves St. Laurent. Adam’s artwork was also licensed for use on billboards, clothing, and snowboards.

After moving his operational base to Bali in 2010 Adam turned his creative attentions towards fashion and decor.  Building on the principals of artisanship and superlative craftsmanship he discovered there, Adam launched his custom jewelry and bespoke fashion and décor studio for private clients. In the process Adam refined his leather boots for men, leather jackets and accessories for men and women, and custom curtains, pillows and cushions into the first phase of his bespoke luxury brand – Juun Saarah.


Once upon a time… a luxury brand meant products of enduring beauty, made by hand and made to last. From conception to execution, every Juun Saarah garment, pillow or jewelry piece is hand made by a true master of his or her craft. Tanners and cobblers; setters and printers; tattoo artists and tailors; in countries as divergent as Spain and Indonesia, – brought together to create extraordinary fashion and homeware.

Juun Saarah supports a new paradigm – one based on informed knowledge and positive global awareness. Juun Saarah creates a new aesthetic – one of awakened expression and transformative beauty. Juun Saarah reinforces the sacred with awareness and appreciation for how things are made, where they come from, and who is making them.